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A free 90 minute masterclass

Justin Shelley Leadership & Life Coach.

This month I invite you to join me live on Wednesday, 30th June at 5:30 pm (GMT) for a free 90 minute online masterclass where I will talk about how shifting your perspective can literally energise your life.

In previous blogs, I have written about coaching topics on self-awareness, energy leadership and the benefits of knowing your values. During this event, I bring all these topics together to give you an understanding of how intrinsically they are linked.

The masterclass is a free event with no strings attached and nothing to buy. I am deeply passionate about this subject and I believe that ‘everyone should be taught this knowledge from a very young age.

My true intention behind this event is to educate and impart the knowledge I have learnt along my coaching journey. I want to inspire others to build the courage to make real changes in their lives and start living the life they choose and stop living their life in fear of change.

If you are interested, or new to self-development, expanding your consciousness and curious about how you might be able to create more headspace for yourself, then I invite you to join me for this live masterclass.

During this event you will:

  • Develop a deeper level of self-awareness and how it is the key to transformational change

  • Learn about your frame of reference and how your beliefs control your thoughts, feelings and actions.

  • Learn to recognise the seven distinct lenses through which people see the world and learn which of these are allowing you to keep settling for less in life.

  • Uncover hidden patterns that constantly prevent people from achieving what they want out of life

  • Discover ways to tap into your unlimited potential and allowing you to accomplish whatever you set your mind to.

Join me for this free event on Wednesday, 30th June at 5:30 pm (GMT) by signing up at eventbrite.


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